Meet Bianca's Puppies

Bianca Rose's 1st Litter
Born 11-29-2000


This was Rose's first litter.  We kept two puppies from this litter (Leo and Scarlett).  Sophie was adopted twice and we decided to keep her after she came back to us the second time. 

Winston now lives in Richmond, VA

Kodie now lives in Cumming, GA

Porcha lives in a small town in Maryland

Bianca Rose's 2nd Litter
Born  01-28-2002


So many boys!!!  Cora was the only female from this litter and is now part of our Eskie family!  

Luke and Ringo came back to us from their first owners and they were adopted into their now "forever home" by loving families.

Luke lives in Knoxville, TN

Ringo lives in Miami, FL

Lucky lives in Virginia Beach, VA

Ashton lives in Atlanta, GA






Bianca Rose's 3rd Litter
Born 04-09-2004


Here is Rose's third litter!  Once again, we hadn't planned on keeping one, but we have Bella!

Zeus lives in Mobile, AL

Chloe lives in Nashville, TN

Lightning lives in Atlanta, GA






Scarlett Rose's 1st Litter
Born 11-22-2005


Scarlett's first litter!!!  She had some beautiful babies... We wanted to keep them ALL, but decided to keep Piper as a "show" dog from this litter.


Simon went to a "show" home in Farmville, VA

Mimi lives is Canton, GA

Kodie lives in Suwannee, GA






Bianca Rose's 4th Litter
Born 07-05-2006


This is Rose's last litter.  She decided to go out with a "bang" (having seven puppies and while neighbors were shooting fireworks late into the night)!


Pebbles & Bam-Bam now live in Weston, FL

Murphy lives in St. Petersburg, FL

Zoey lives in Lousville, KY

Majya lives in Buford, GA

Lukas lives in Stone Mountain, GA

Blackjack lives in Alpharetta, GA










Scarlett Rose's 2nd Litter
Born 10-10-2008


Scarlett's Second and last litter.

Millie lives in Orlando, FL.

Sura Lives in Boston, MA.