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Born October 10th 2008
4 Girls - 2 Girls Available

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Scarlett had five puppies but she lost the first one.
Here is a memorial to the little girl named "Faith"


Pounce & Scarlett

AKC Pointed UKC PR CH Bianca's Scarlett Rose


AKC CH UKC GRCH Kiva's Kick it up a notch

Pet and Show puppies will be determined at eight weeks of age.

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The American Eskimo Dog is one of the most beautiful and loving dogs I have had the pleasure of owning and knowing. A puppy or grown dog is for life it should not be thought of as an object but as part of the family and treated as such. A dog can give you many hours of love and enjoyment if treated with love and respect. 

The American Eskimo will shed their coat some. They have a beautiful double coat, with long white fur, they need some moderate grooming.

They tend to bark at new or unusual noises. This is what makes them a good warning dog. Please consider this before getting one if you live in an area where this may be a problem.

Do you have the time to properly train and spend with your dog? They will want love and attention from you.

When properly trained and loved they will be a wonderful addition to your family.
They are very intelligent, loving, and loyal and want to please their owner's.

All puppies are raised in our home as part of the family, and will receive the highest quality health care and optimum diet while under our care. A written contract is required, and a health guarantee is provided.

The puppies will be at least 10 - 12 weeks old,
before they can go to a new home.
Please don't ask to take them any sooner.

All puppies require a non-refundable deposit.

We will not air ship any puppies.

Past Litters