We're not sure if Twiggles is a purebred eskie, but she appears to have some in her! She was found as a stray and is about a year and a half old. Twiggles is spayed and is good with other dogs. She currently lives in Georgia with the people who found her.


  Pooter is a beautiful, four year old neutered
male eskie in Charlotte, NC. His owner works out
of the home and says that Pooter barks too much,
so he needs to go! He is a healthy boy and is
current on all shots. Please write if you would like
to adopt him.




 She is a 2-year old female eskie who's elderly owner could no longer care for her. She is being cared for by a neighbor, but they have a German Shepherd who has attacked her and now Missy must stay locked in the bathroom for her protection. She really needs a new home soon!!! Missy is in Gastonia, NC, and will need to be spayed.



Fritz, is a two year old standard male. He is currently in foster care with Bassett Rescue in Savannah, GA. He is also in the process of undergoing treatment for heartworms, and will be perfectly healthy before he is adopted. He is neutered, current on all shots and a real sweetie! All he needs now is a place to call home. Won't you please help him do that?



Missy is a shaved female American Eskimo who was found as a stray. She is currently in foster care in McDonough, GA and really needs a home soon. She would be best as an only dog. If you can help Missy, please contact us soon.


   This is Dax, a four year old neutered American Eskimo. He lives here in Atlanta, and is current on all shots. His owners are moving and can't take him with them. He is an energetic and loving dog and needs a good home soon.

This sweet little girl currently has no name.
 She was picked up as a stray.

Reunited with her family.



Sprite is a 4-5 year old standard female. She is quiet, friendly and mannerly. She was brought into the Knoxville, TN shelter on 5/15/02


Buddy was found wandering the neighborhood and signs were posted for two weeks.  He is  about 3.5 years old and weighs 22 pounds. He loves kids and his toys, is current on shots and will be neutered . He also has a cataract forming in one eye. He needs a home now!!!




 Hopper is an approximately 2-year old standard male. He has been neutered and is current on shots. He gets along well with kids and other dogs.
He can jump a 4-foot fence easily.
Hence his name!


"Juno "
Juno is a 4 year old neutered male American Eskimo. He is current on all shots and weighs 23 pounds. The owners have a child with cerebral palsy, and Juno goes nuts when they lift the child to put her in her wheelchair. He is a great watchdog and should be a one person companion. Juno lives in Tennessee and is looking for just the right home.


A wonderful 3-year old mini male. He has been in the shelter in South Dakota for months now and is really wishing for a place he can call a home of his own. He is neutered and loves everyone except
kids. His coat looks pretty bad right now as he was so matted the shelter had to shave him down.


 Megan (left) and new friend Sparky

Megan was found as a stray in Bluffton, SC. A kind family took her in until a new home could be found. Mike Young found out about Megan (who had no name yet!) and decided to adopt her. He drove from Huntsville, AL to Macon, GA to meet Brian and Kim Lane. It was love and first sight. Megan loves to bark and gets along well with Sparky. 

Posted 11-17-05


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